Digital technologies need to start playing their part

  • The pace of change remains relentless
  • Leaders are highly mobile and time-poor
  • Distributed staff need support through change

Strengthen Your Toolkit - Digitally

Increase impact & reduce cost via a blended change process

  • Face-to-face where it matters most
  • Digital in-between to:
        - prepare
        - reinforce
        - and sustain

Take 5 Minutes

Key concepts, processes, toolkits & communications - digitised

  • Engage - compelling, interactive video & animation
  • Act - tools translate concepts into action
  • Scale - pervasive & quick to access
  • Easy - little & often to sustain

Fast, Low-cost Translation

  • Change Consultants
  • End-to-end Digital Media Experts
  • e-Learning Technologists

Our unique combination of skills mean we can quickly and cost effectively deliver Take5 modules to support any transformation or development process